Mindful Sleep


Saturday 15th September
10am – 1pm

At the Nine Springs Natural Health Centre

Learn the important role sleep has on health
Discover how to improve the quality of your sleep
Understand the health benefits of sleep for body and mind
Learn mindful practices to help create a better night’s sleep
This workshop shows you the full importance of sleep and how improving the quality of your sleep will help boost your health, both mentally and physically.
Through this interactive workshop you will be given valuable information combined with calming and soothing mindful practices, helping you to wind-down in the evenings, relax and enjoy the much-needed restorative sleep that you deserve.

If you struggle to get to sleep or would simply like to learn about the endless benefits that sleep delivers to the mind and body, this is perfect for you. During this workshop you will learn what can stop us sleeping and how to navigate these issues to bring you back in line with a healthy night’s sleep.

The mindfulness exercises that you will learn and practice are great tools to use both for aiding the process of sleep and for general relaxation, stress and anxiety relief – a valuable resource in today’s world.

This workshop includes a short break with light refreshments.

Limited spaces available, book your place early to avoid disappointment.