Holistic Healing

Healing is natural, non-invasive & holistic.
It aims to promote self-healing and bring a sense of well-being to the recipient.
What happens during a session of Holistic Healing?
After a brief chat I’ll ask you to remove your shoes and any jewellery, then we’ll get you comfortable on the healing couch. I will talk you through a short relaxation to help you settle.
I will work with my hands at a short distance from your body, or sometimes by light touch, inviting you to relax and close your eyes if you wish. You may experience a range of sensations, perhaps warmth or coolness, tingling and pressure, or pain coming to the surface (and often dispersing) as the energy goes to work.
What can Holistic Healing do for me?
It can be helpful with a wide range of physical and emotional difficulties. It is a process of revitalisation, relaxation and release at a profound level, which helps your body to adjust and heal spontaneously at its own pace and in its own way.
How often do I need to go for Holistic Healing?
Sometimes one session will be sufficient, sometimes several may be needed. If you are experiencing healing for the first time it may take you 2 or 3 sessions to relax into the process and enjoy the full benefit.
Do I need to be ill to go for Holistic Healing?
No. Healing is often about restoring balance to your life and relationships, about expressing feelings, about change and the need for it. It can give us a new sense of ourselves, bring a different perspective and a greater feeling of control in our lives whether you are ill or not. It can be especially helpful in crisis situations and also with terminal illness.
What else do I need to know?
A typical session will last one hour although our first session may take 30 minutes longer as I like to take a history before we start working together. It’s also wise, if possible, to plan to have a fairly quiet day after your session to help make the most of it.

Hannah Taylor 

Therapeutic Counsellor  (MBACP)

Shiatsu Practitioner (FwSS)

Qualified Healer and Nurse