People seek counselling for a variety of reasons – a long-term problem that doesn’t go away, an immediate crisis, or feelings of emptiness/lack of meaning to life. Giving time and attention to your distress in the company of a listening, empathic, impartial counsellor can lighten the load and allow you space to review your situation, how you live and experience your life.

Sally Barmes 

John Speirs 

Sandra Fraser 

are all fully qualified, experienced counsellors working with a wide range of problems and using a varied range of theory and method. They each do short or long-term counselling.

What can the client expect at the appointment

All our counsellors offer a safe, private space where the client can explore and express their feelings & thoughts without fear of being judged. They will discuss matters with the client and after an initial assessment will suggest a course of action.

What will happen in a session

The client will be encouraged to explore their issues, feelings and thoughts, and to examine options for taking action. They will also be encouraged to think about their decisions in order to try and provide a clearer understanding of situations.

How many sessions should the client need before they see a result

This will depend on the issues being presented.

What can the therapy help

This type of therapy has been shown to help:

  • Addictions & eating disorders.
  • Anger Management.
  • Anxiety & stress.
  • Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Bereavement & loss.
  • Depression.
  • Family matters and problems.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Health changes & dealing with illness.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Phobias.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Psycho/spiritual development.
  • Separation & divorce.
  • Sexual Problems .
  • Trauma.
  • Workplace problems & stress.
  • Unresolved problems from the past.

It is advisable to check with individual counsellors which of the above they deal with.

Who would benefit from this type of therapy