Chiropody & Podiatry

Brief explanation about the Therapy

Professional footcare and assessment. It involves general health enquiries, details of medication and full treatment of the majority of foot conditions.

What can the client expect at the appointment

Health assessment detailing all previous illnesses and traumas. The practitioner will assess general health, check a patient’s pulse, check circulation and advise on self help and care. The practitioner will need a list of all current medication that the patient is taking. She will also note any allergies. She will then proceed with the treatment of the feet.

What will happen in a session

The practitioner will make a full assessment of foot health in an initial half hour treatment. She will look for any areas of pain, identify areas that are a cause for concern and discuss the treatment options that are available for the client in both the short and long term. She will then devise a treatment plan together with the client.

How many sessions should the client need before they see a result

This varies with each individual client. Occasionally a one-off treatment is enough to resolve the problem but often a number of treatments are necessary. In some patients an on-going plan is needed.

What can the Therapy help

Foot health. It deals with areas of pain, corns, calluses, nail problems (thickened and ingrowing), fissures, fungal infections and veruccae. Palliation – the podiatrist will assist in the helping the client achieve comfortable feet.

Who would benefit from this type of Therapy

Anyone suffering from foot pain or who is concerned about problems with their feet. It can also help people with a systemic disease that can affect the feet – those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Diabetes.