Anger Management

Brief explanation of the therapy

This therapy explains to the client why they are getting angry and helps the person find other, more effective ways of responding to life events

What can the client expect at the appointment

Full details of a client’s life will be taken at the first appointment in order to assess what features are contributing to the anger response.

What will happen in a session?

The client will talk about their life, particularly situations where they become angry.

Strategies will be given for coping with the situations that do not involve getting angry, and usually there will be a 15 minute Relaxation session.

How many sessions should the client need before they see a result

Sometimes the client feels somewhat better even after the first session, but at least six sessions are needed for a lasting result.

What can the Therapy help

Ways of coping with life. In addition to learning to manage your anger more effectively it is hoped that you will find the process of self discovery stimulating and enlightening.

It is also hoped that you find engagement in the therapy collaborative and respectful, encouraging an attitude of positive engagement, demonstrating the ability to ‘confront the problem not the individual’.

Who would benefit from this type of Therapy:

  • Anyone who feels that their life is out of control.