Ursula Dunne

Yoga for Pregnancy



  • BA
  • PGCE
  • British Wheel of Yoga Diploma
  • Professional bodies
  • British Wheel of Yoga

CPD Courses attended

  • Yoga for backs
  • Yoga for pregnant mums
  • Pranayama
  • chakras
  • Yoga for people with cancer
  • Mindfulness
  • Butekyko Breathing
  • Yoga for Stress Management

Each year I must attend at least 2 CPDs to maintain my teaching qualification. I also must have a valid 1st Aid qualification which is renewed as necessary.

Length of time in teaching

7 years

Previous practice

Local village halls – Ash, Norton-sub-Hamdon, Ilchester, Butleigh.

Ursula decided to train as a yoga teacher when she took early retirement from teaching French & Spanish in secondary schools.  She wishes she had done it years ago!  She used to think yoga was a way to maintain physical strength & suppleness but knows that although this is totally correct, there is far more to it.  Learning to use the breath, in particular to relax but also to energise the body, is a very useful skill.  In addition, yoga is about controlling the “chattering monkeys” of the mind, a skill which is increasingly important in our busy world.

Training with Julia Friederberger, (yoga for people with cancer), gave her insight into the power of yoga nidra, a deeply relaxing process for the body which can then use the mind to plant a seed, or sankalpa, so that the body can work towards its own healing.  Her very, very gentle yoga class uses only limited exercise (seated on a chair) and a lot of time using deep relaxation & yoga nidra.

Ursula feels that teaching yoga to pregnant mums is particularly valuable as it uses the three strands of yoga – body, breath & mind – to maximum effect.  The body work is gentle and is an aid to improving posture in pregancy and easing minor discomforts, but also prepares the body for birth.  The breathing techniques are very valuable & always help through labour.  The training and focus of the mind on one thing alone – be it the breath, body or a word – is a real aid through labour.  Finally, the “time out” for mums doing a yoga class, is time for them to focus completely on themselves and their baby, to really relax, and to relate to other pregnant mums. Many find that after the birth they wish to continue their yoga, either joining a mother & baby class or, when the time is right, coming to an adult only class.