Heidi Marke

Hi, I’m Heidi

I’m passionate about self-care and sharing ways to empower you to take better care of yourself, so you can live your best life, and make your unique contribution in the world. I’m endlessly reading, listening and experimenting. Be kind to yourself – because you matter. However, as someone recovering from burnout, I know just how hard this can be, so I aim to share tips and tools on how to be kind to yourself in small easy steps. Want to experience the gentle but powerful effects of practising mindfulness? My classes and workshops offer unique ways to tune into your body and mind with curiosity and kindness, improving physical movement, releasing patterns of held tension and learning to live with more ease and joy. I create the space, time and guidance for you to take a break from your busy, overwhelmed mind and ease back into your body. Using body mindfulness techniques to reduce the effects of overworking and endless busyness, I teach you how to activate your relaxation response and release held patterns of tension.

  • Improve your emotional resilience
  • Reduce anxiety and feelings of overload
  • Feel at ease in your body
  • Improve functional movement
  • Gain energy, sleep better and think more clearly

Classes and workshops in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire

Zen Yoga Wednesdays 2.00-3.00 pm Weekend Workshops

Online courses coming soon

Curious?! Please do get in touch if you think you might be interested in working with me and would like to discuss whether a workshop, class or 1:1 session would suit you best.



Heidi is an accredited Zenways RYT200 yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. She has practised yoga and sitting meditation intermittently for over 25 years until physical pain and stress resulted, gratefully, in a very-much deepened daily practice.