YOGA is a Sanskrit word the literal meaning of which is “Yoke” and the generally accepted idea is that it joins the “body, mind & spirit” into harmony and helps those who practice it find inner peace.

Many people, nowadays, find themselves leading increasingly busy lives, and need something to help them through what can be stressful times. Thousands have chosen Yoga to provide the balance – “The practice of yoga helps to co-ordinate the breath, mind and body to encourage balance, both internally and externally and promote feelings of relaxation and ease.”.

Anyone can practise Yoga – older or younger, male or female; no special equipment is essential – a cushion, warm blanket and bottle of water are all you need.

At Nine Springs we offer the following types of Yoga

  • Gentle Yoga – Jane Hobbs
  • Yoga for Pregnancy – Ursula Dunne
  • Hatha Yoga – Louise Byford
  • Restorative Yoga – Louise Byford
  • Yoga for Mindfulness & Relaxation – Debbie Calleja-Atkins
  • Chair Yoga – Debbie Calleja – Atkins

The classes provide those attending the chance to stretch, strengthen the body, to become aware of the breath & learn breathing techniques, and finally to enjoy a short relaxation of the body & mind. You learn to be more aware of the body and the breath so that you can work to your level. The advantages of yoga start to appear as soon as you practice and over time the benefits become greater. It is personally progressive & there is no need to compare yourself with others. The atmosphere is relaxed, students are mutually supportive and it is the one place where you can be guaranteed a space of time just for yourself, where there is no rush, no hurry and no need to do more than gentle effort. We always end with breathing exercises and a relaxation session.

What will happen in a class

Hatha Yoga with Louise: Hatha yoga is the physical practice of yoga including relaxation breathwork, postures and meditation.

Louise initially trained in the Sivananda style of hatha yoga and has gained experience in Iyengar and Ashtanga. After teaching for 11 years she has developed her own style but still with the essence of Sivananda.

During a typical class there is a focus on floor work routines to release tension. Attention is paid to the quality of breathing throughout the class. Other sequences will include ‘the sun salutation’ and inverted postures such as ‘shoulder stand’. Standing postures include ‘the warrior’ and ‘triangle’ and usually at least one of the balance postures such as ‘tree pose’.

The class is taken at ones own pace depending on physical ability with the option to ‘rest out’ at any time. Classes are mixed level and very friendly.

Yoga for Mindfulness & Relaxation with Debbie:

Reconnect your mind, body and soul with a calming and relaxing yoga lesson with Debbie. This class allows you to go deeper into yoga, relaxation and meditation through moving, breathing, relaxing, opening up and looking within. Access your inner self through guided meditations and visualisations; stretch, tone, align and balance your body through a practice of series of asanas with modification and adjustments to accommodate our different bodies. Allow for the vital, much- needed and deserved self-care to happen.

This class is suitable for all levels. Every body is catered for!

What can the class help

A whole range of problems may be helped from the benefits of yoga

  • improved strength
  • flexibility
  • body awareness
  • posture
  • circulation
  • digestion
  • relaxation
  • respiration
  • concentration

Who would benefit from this type of exercise

Anyone and everyone provided they have some mobility and are happy about lying and sitting on the floor. All students are required to fill in a questionnaire explaining any serious health issues so that the teacher is aware of them and can teach accordingly. If there are other medical concerns at any time these can be discussed in private with the teacher.