Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy classes are a time to relax, focus on your new baby and think about your wishes for the birth, with practical tips and time to ask questions. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other expectant mums.
The classes focus on gentle postures, breathing techniques, positions for labour and relaxation. The aim is for you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time, whilst improving your physical and emotional wellbeing and helping you feel more confident and positive about birth. The postures are very gentle, specifically designed so you can attend throughout your pregnancy (after 12 weeks) and can be adapted to individual needs.

The classes are suitable for all women, regardless of their fitness level. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

Benefits of these classes include:
• Reduced back ache
• Improved quality of sleep
• Reduced anxiety
• Strengthened joints and muscles
• Increased flexibility
• Increased blood circulation
• Reduced swelling from fluid retention
• Improved posture and body awareness
• Strengthened abdominal and pelvic muscles
• Improved digestive system
I am an NCT Antenatal teacher and have undertaken further training into the practice and philosophy of yoga. I am passionate about enabling women to have a positive experience of pregnancy and birth.
Everyone is welcome; NCT would like to make sure every parent can benefit from our courses. We therefore have lower prices for parents on lower incomes or in receipt of certain benefits. These concessions vary, from small discounts of 5% to a maximum reduction of 90% off the full course fee. Please ask about these discounts.

Yoga for Pregnancy is in the Studio every Monday from 6pm-7:15pm


Kat Jory

I started my journey into antenatal work after the birth of my eldest, joining the local National Childbirth Trust committee group and then starting my training for a diploma in Antenatal Education a few years later. I have been teaching antenatal courses since 2012 alongside my full-time teaching job.
In 2013 I decided to undertake further training through the NCT to teach Relax, Stretch and Breathe classes and last year converted this into a Yoga for Pregnancy qualification.
I have also trained to teach baby massage and I am an NLP birthing practitioner, as well as having regular CPD developing my knowledge around birth and parenting.
I fully believe that being able to make informed choices around labour and birth has a positive impact on the experience, but more importantly women trusting what their body is doing and believing in its ability to birth.
Mobile no 07515 872 853