Qi Gong


Jane Robinson

Qi Gong – pronounced CHI KUNG – is a Chinese system of exercises for health that is generally acknowledged as the mother of Tai Chi.

The exercises are very gentle and easy to learn. They concentrate on the breath and the ‘internal action’ of each exercise ie how it affects your body. It is brilliant for helping you to relax and get in touch with where you hold tension and how to release it.

What will happen in a class?

The class meets for an hour. We ask that you wear loose clothing so that you can move comfortably. Most exercises are conducted standing, but it is possible for you to sit throughout if that is easier. Some exercises involve more physical movement, others are more meditative.

What can the class help?

We have exercises to strengthen your constitution and give you more vitality and stamina, to calm the mind and help you to sleep, to encourage improved functioning of the internal organs of your body, or to improve joint and back flexibility and strength.

Who would benefit from this class?

Anyone – it is open to all, but call Jane first if you wish to talk to her first before coming along. It is run as a drop-in class, so you can come along for a session and see how you get on.