Pilates with Kate


Kate Jeans

Pilates is an exercise form that is practised in a closely supervised group. It strengthens joints, improves mobility, flexibility and body strength. It improves posture thus ensuring that little unnecessary strain is put on joints. For anyone with chronic pain or severe back problems 1:1 classes are advisable.

What can the client expect in the classes

Each session lasts for one hour. Exercises are carried out in standing, lying and on all-fours during a typical class. Clients move in all directions during a session, thus ensuring that they achieve functional strength and movement.

The instructor will introduce beginners to the Principals of Pilates and gradually layer and develop exercises as individuals’ progress. The teacher will demonstrate and use hands-on correction where necessary.

What do I need to bring

Mats and small equipment are provided. Wear stretch or loose clothing, with socks or bare feet. Bring a bottle of water.

How many sessions should the client need before they see a result

Improving at Pilates takes time – the mind and body connection needs to develop and the fundamentals of Pilates needs to be experienced and practised over time. The Principals of Breath, Centre, Control, Flow, Alignmnet and Focus need to be experienced and embraced as your practise continues. If practised regularly Pilates will have lasting benefits – improving your posture, strength, reducing pain and avoiding injury. Pilates is an exercise form for life.

What is Pilates good for

  • Reducing back pain
  • Stiffness/lack of mobility
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Building functional strength
  • Developing core stability
  • Improving balance
  • The list is endless!!!

Who would benefit from this class

Anyone can benefit from Pilates but we cannot accept anyone who is pregnant unless they have previously been doing Pilates with us. Anyone with existing back or joint conditions would need to contact us for advice before joining a class.

Independent Pilates Teachers Association