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Fitness and well-being came to the forefront of her life since she suffered from chronic back pain in her early twenties.  Having tried everything she returned to the Alexander Technique which she had encountered as a teenager.  She knew it was a long-term solution so embarked on the teacher training.  She arrived hunched over and hobbling around after a back operation and left 3 years later with much better movement and agility than she had previously due to her injuries. 

She had abandoned the notion that she would ever have children so was delighted to have a smooth pregnancy and labour 2 years after finishing training.  Having personally experienced chronic pain and realising the emotional, physical and mental consequences of disease she believes she can help people to help themselves.  The road to recovery is often one littered with self-discovery, which is not always welcome, so support through this process is essential.  She can empathise with the feeling of ‘having tried everything else’ and "being at the end of the line" – this could be the beginning of a process of self-empowerment and change.

Therapies offered    

Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Professional bodies

STAT – The Society of the Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Length of time in practice

2 years

Previous practise   

  • Yetminster - private practice
  • As a qualified student at the Constructive Teaching Centre in Holland


STAT website -

Erica's website is currently under construction - details will appear shortly.